E!News: Jaywon Robbed In A Club A Day After Flaunting Money On Instagram

On Friday, 10th of January, jaywon took to Instagram with a picture of him flaunting his money on IG, saying ’so far so good, we dey thank God’.

On Saturday, the day after, Jaywon got robbed in a night club in Ibadan. According to Jaywon, he and his nephew went clubbing in Sluggers Club, located in Ibadan. He said the robbery took place right inside the night club.

He however took to Instagram again to put forward his discounted about the robbery and how the manager of the club didn’t seem to care.

’Me and my nephew got robbed right inside the club compound (Club Sluggers) and the manger still have the mind to fight us. Go there at your own risk’.

Jaywon states via his Instagram handle, as a piece of advise to his followers and fan not to go clubbing at Club Sluggers.

’ Deadest club in Ibadan. Don’t go there ooo’


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