E!News: Kim Kardashian shows off a Cartier Necklace Kanye West made her from a text conversation

Kim Kardashian has showed off the latest gift she got from her husband Kanye West, and it is a Cartier gold plaque necklace.

The mother of four revealed that the gift she got from her husband had a text conversation engraved in it. Sharing a selfie of her wearing the necklace, Kim Kardashian wrote;

“If you look closely at my necklace, you can see it’s from a text Kanye sent me. He took an amazing vintage a Cartier gold plaque necklace and had it sketched out. He’s always the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts.”

Kanye’s message engraved on the necklace read;

“This your life. Married with four kids. Get people out of jail. Cover of Vogue . Go to church every week with your family. Dreams come true.”

This is coming months after the reality show star played a round of “Show Me Your Phone” with host Jimmy Fallon, where she also showed off a romantic text Kanye sent her after buying a ranch for their family in Wyoming.


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