E!News: Robert Pattison beats Brad Pitt and David Beckham to the title of World’s Most Beautiful Man

Robert Pattinson has beaten Brad Pitt and David Beckham to the title of World’s Most Beautiful Man.

A new scientific research called the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, rated The Twilight actor as the most beautiful male celebrity in Hollywood.

Robert Pattison got a beauty rating of 92.15% compared to other high-calibre male personalities.

Not far behind Robert was Henry Cavill with a score of 91.04%, Bradley Cooper with a rating of 91.08% and Brad Pitt coming in at 90.51%.

George Clooney, Hugh Jackman and David Beckham all scored an average beauty rating of 89% each.

David Beckham bagged a beauty rating of 88.96% and Idris Elba is at 88.01%, according to the research.

Kanye scored 87.94% while La La Land star Ryan Gosling was considered the least attractive male celebrity according to the new scientific scale.

Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi looked at the position of the eyes, face shape, forehead, nose width length as well as nose base length, chin and upper lip.

The rating system worked out a percentage of how attractive the celebrity was on the information.

Then it could be compared across the board to highlight which celebrities were the most attractive of the showbiz world.

Below are the top 10 male celebrities and their beauty rating:

1. Robert Pattinson – 92.15%
2. Henry Cavill – 91.04%
3. Bradley Cooper – 91.08%
4. Brad Pitt – 90.51%
5. George Clooney – 89.91%
6. Hugh Jackman – 89.64%
7. David Beckham – 88.96%
8. Idris Elba – 88.01%
9. Kanye West – 87.94%
10. Ryan Gosling – 87.48%


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