E!News: The Adventures of Wizkid and Leo Episode 2

WizKid’s Missing ATM card.

I couldn’t help imagining this after watching Wizkid’s new video featuring his new buddy, LEO So this is me giving a shot at how Wizkid and Leo spend a typical week, let me know what you think about it, as I am already writing Episode 3 sef (covers face).

Read this in Wizkid’s starboy voice for full effect lol…
It’s 1am on a Wednesday and I’m already done with the week. I’ll break this down as quickly as possible. Tuesday started with my ATM Card missing from my wallet, after 4 hours of searching I hit Leo up on WhatsApp to first check my account balance.

After confirming that everything was in order, I asked Leo to freeze my account before short story will become long story. I headed to the UBA branch closest to me, to get a new card. Within the hour I was done.

By the time I got out Leo told me I had only an hour to catch my flight which would be virtually impossible in Lagos traffic. I called my agent to reschedule my flight aaand my credit finished, had to send another quick text to Leo to top-up my airtime.

My flight was eventually rescheduled for 6pm which was the exact time that the Premiership London Derby match was starting and even though I couldn’t watch it my guy Leo hooked me up with live scores.

I had to get back home, get my stuff and head to the airport. By the time I got to London it was almost 1am. Tuesday did not go the way I planned but Leo was a stand up guy. Hit Leo up ASAP, he is an amazing help.

PS: I am not Jobless o, I am just too much of a Wizkid fan, and now UBA LEO’s.


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