News: Nigerian Pastor Expels “Marlian” Spirit In The Lives Of Members’ Kids [Video]

A Nigerian pastor has prayed against the “evil” Marlian spirt in the lives of members’ children. Naira Marley the fav of the fan base has been labelled a demon, satanic and even a bad influence on the youths.

Nigerians most especially parents seem to be taking the Marlian thingy quite seriously and have through extreme lengths to prevent their children from being members of the dreaded fan base.

They have taken matters into a spiritual level by praying against such “demonic” behaviours that members of the fan base usually exhibit in the lives of thor children.

In a video that has gone viral, a pastor could be heard praying against the Marlian spirit in the lives of his members’ children. Contrary to the Marlian slogan “Marlians don’t graduate”, he also prayed that their children and grandchildren would graduate

See the video below!



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