News: Seyi Tinubu gives free food to 1,000 Lagosians as Coronavirus relief

Bola Tinubu’s son, Seyi Tinubu has kicked of the deliverybof relief materials to Nigerians who are in lack of food due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Seyi joined other Nigerians delivering relief packages to those feeling the effect of coronavirus lockdown in Lagos state.

Seyi, who is the founder of Noella Foundation, partnered with music label YBNL to deliver emergency food relief items to over 1,000 people across the state.

He said: “ This is the first week of such an initiative, and @noellafoundation and YBNL will be actively doing its best to support Lagosians and Mr Governor’s formidable Team weekly.

“Remember, you can also do your own little part in your immediate community. .

“Show up for those in need; show a little kindness and together, we shall get through this. “


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