Sport News: Malaga’s coach Victor Sanchez is sacked over sexually explicit video of himself despite claims he is a victim of ‘blackmail’

Malaga Football club of Spain have sacked it’s head coach Victor Sanchez four days after he was suspended following the publication of a sexually explicit video of the 43-year-old on social media.

Sanchez del Amo, a former midfielder for Spain says he was the victim of harassment and blackmail and shouldn’t have to suffer.

According to Sanchez, the police are investigating the matter after the man who shared the explicit video was arrested.

In a statement posted to his official Twitter account, Sanchez said: “I am being subjected to a crime against my privacy with harassment and extortion.

“The victim here is me. I’m a victim of blackmail but I’m brave and I’ll move on from this”.
The club’s statement read;

‘Malaga have decided to sack Victor Sanchez del Amo for disciplinary reasons,’ the club said in a statement.

‘Malaga took this decision in consideration of the serious harm the recent non-sporting events have done to the club, with the aim of minimising their impact on the team and the whole organisation of Malaga.’

Sanchez took over the Malaga coaching job in 2019 after almost two years out of football following his 2017 sacking from Real Betis.


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